SEO Activities And Packages

Estimated Monthly Hours100 Hours50 Hours20 Hours
Estimated blended rate$ 10/hour$ 10/hour$ 10/hour
S.N.SEO ActivitiesHigh Tier Medium TierLow Tier
1 Keyword Optimization40 Keywords20 Keywords10 Keywords
2Naked URL PromotionYesYesYes
3Website All pages optimizationYesYesYes
On Page ActivitiesYesYesYes
1Meta Tag CreationYesYesYes
XML Site mapYesYesYes
3Robots.txt OptimizationYesYes
4Heading Tags creationYesYesYes
5Image Optimization Etc.Yes
Off Page ActivitiesYesYesYes
2Directory SubmissionYesYes
3Mywot verified directory submissionYesYesYes
4Local Directory submissionYesYes
5Ezine Article Content PostingYesYesYes
6Blog CreationYes
7Local Business Listing OptimizationYesYes
8Social Media OptimizationYesYesYes
MONTHLY TOTAL PRICE $ 1000$500 200

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S.N.SEO PACKAGENo. of Keywords3 Months Fee 6 Months Fee 1 Year Fee
1High Tier40 Keywords$ 3000 $ 6000$ 12000
2Medium Tier20 Keywords$ 1500$ 3000$ 6000
3Low Tier10 Keywords$ 600$ 1200$ 2400