API Integration

API Integration is a process which allows programs to connect and communicate with other programs. An example that many people can relate to is credit card transactions. The credit card information is input into the system, an API is used to send the information to a remote application which will verify the credit card information to see if it is valid or not.

Advantages of API Integration:

  • Provide better Customer Service
  • Streamline the Business Process
  • Improve Business Growth

Custom API Integration

Custom API Integration is typically used by organizations for their business websites or web applications and benefit from the complex software systems.

iZource is able to make Custom APIs for your company that can be used by a 3rd party programmer for the purpose of interacting and exchanging information of your business.

3rd Party API Integration

If needed we are able to implement 3rd party API Integration with the use of techniques like SOAP, XML, and Web Service.

API Integration Services:

  • Develop Custom API Application
  • Synchronize data
  • Consulting Service to help in the decision making process of the API Integration
  • Support for API Development
  • API Application Programming
  • SaaS API Integration